Article Marketing Is Extremely Frustrating
Especially When It Is NOT Generating Results!!
If You Are Still Beating Your Head
Against The Wall With Article Marketing,
Then You Are Probably Making This
Simple, Common & Often FATAL Mistake!!

My name is Bill Platt, and I am the owner of the Writing Puzzle website.

I have been doing article marketing to promote myself online since 1999, and I have been helping other authors to be more successful with it since early 2001.

Yes, I have been doing article marketing now for more than a decade, and in that time, I have learned a lot about how to make this type of promotion work really, really well.

I am not going to bore you with my life story, but over the last decade, I have written and syndicated over 700 articles for myself, under my own name and under another 22 pen names, in more than one dozen niches. I have also written and syndicated several thousand more articles for paid clients. And, I have had the privilege of helping hundreds of ordinary and big-name marketers improve the effectiveness of their article marketing campaigns.

Many Article Marketers Struggle Needlessly

The fact is that many article marketers set out to create awesome content, and they accomplish that goal, but in the end, their article marketing fails when they fail to generate a profit from their article marketing campaigns!!

They do those things that most of us know that they should be doing:

  • They create a great article title;

  • They write an awesome article;

  • They get their articles in front of a large audience;

  • They have an effective call-to-action in their Author's Resource Box;

They do all of those things we tell them they need to do to be successful with article marketing...

And still they fail to make a profit from this activity!

They Beat Their Heads Against Walls
Trying To Figure Out Why It Doesn't Work For Them...

And many will just throw up their hands in frustration, walking away from this promotion technique, simply because it never worked for them!

They were getting an audience...

They were getting traffic to their website...

But SOMETHING just did not work!

They were spinning their wheels, spending loads of time writing and promoting their articles, and the more they watched new traffic flood into their websites and leave without buying anything, the more irritated the writers became...

Far too many of them not only quit article marketing, but they also quit their online business altogether!

I'd like to see YOU avoid this level of personal frustration...

I'd also like to see YOU succeed, where so many others have failed...

There really is a simple answer and a simple solution to this all-too-common problem that article marketers face far too often...

Wouldn't It Be Awesome If You Could
Eliminate This Problem AND
Increase Your Article Marketing ROI?

If you said yes to the above question, then please keep reading... I will not disappoint you...

The bottom line is that Article Marketing is a very effective method of promoting your online business, but only if you are targeting the right audience with the right content!!

Over the last decade, I have consulted with hundreds of online business owners and marketing managers on the phone, concerning their article marketing campaigns, and I am often surprised when I realize that I seem to understand their target market better than they do.

In my mind, this just proves that most people never really think about who is most suited to purchasing their products or services.

Herein lies the real problem...

If you are marketing to the wrong audience, you will fail!

If you are presenting your offers to people who don't want to buy your offers, you will fail!

I have wanted to make this product for a very long time...

So, I am very pleased to be letting you know that I have finally put this information together for you in such a way as to enable you to fix this fatal problem in your marketing, quickly and easily...

Let me introduce you to...

"Writing Articles That
REACH Your Target Audience"
Identify Your Target Market
to Close More Sales!!
When You Truly Understand Your Target Audience,
Article Marketing Will Become One Of The
Most Effective Marketing Strategies Available To You

The foundation of reaching your target market with your marketing message is first to understand:

Who Is Most Likely To Purchase Your Products And Services?

Within this product, I am going to show you step-by-step how to determine "who is in your target market"...

I am going to show you how to start the process, and how to build on the process...

Once you have come to understand the strategy that I am sharing with you, and you have followed the step-by-step blueprint outlined in this product, you will be able to quickly determine "who is most likely to buy any product" on the planet!!

You will gain such a deep understanding of this process, that you will never again struggle to find out WHO is in your target market!!

When You Know WHO You Are Talking To,
You Will Know Exactly What To Write

This product is jam-packed full of examples to help you understand "who is in your target market", how to get the "demographics for your target market", and finally, how to create content that will appeal to the "buyers" in your target market!!

I am going to show you how to stop wasting time and resources chasing people who will never buy from you ever -- even if they are in your target market!!

I am going to show you how to write the content people want to read...

I am going to show you how to get published on authority websites...

I am going to show you how to keep the attention of your readers...

And, I am going to show you how to get more readers to your website, who are going to want to pull out their wallets and give you money...

In This Product...

You will finally realize what makes the difference between the successful article marketer and the person who could never make it work...

After you have read this material, you will...

  • Stop wasting time talking to tire kickers;

  • Find out quickly and easily who is most likely to buy your products and services;

  • Learn who your best prospects will be;

  • Discover how to reach your best prospects quickly;

  • Learn how to start the conversation with your best prospects;

  • Find the publishers whom you would like to publish your articles;

  • Understand finally how to get the best publishers to accept your articles for publication;

  • Convince more readers to visit your website and buy your offers;

  • Start profiting from your article marketing activities;

  • Eliminate the frustration of not knowing what you are doing wrong...

I have laid out this material for you in a 32-page PDF with plenty of examples and pictures to help you grasp this material more quickly.

Imagine How Much More Money You Could Make
If You Get This Right...

I cannot guarantee you that this product will make you rich beyond your wildest dreams...

But I can guarantee you that this information has made me and my clients loads of money in the last twelve years!!

This product has been designed to teach you how to:

  • Find the people who want to buy your products and services now!!

  • Get inside your prospects' heads.

  • And, how to convince your prospects to spend their money with you.

I have honestly outlined a simple step-by-step blueprint that is going to enable you to go where you want to go with your online marketing...

And beautifully, you don't need to have a degree in psychology to make this system work for you!!

What if you get this right, and you started doing 4- or 5-figures in new sales as the result of one article?

How much would this information be worth to you?

I have done 4- and 5-figures in new sales as the result of a single article... But then, I am a professional article marketer...

What if you only made half or a quarter of what I have generated from article marketing?

How much would this information be worth to you?

Get Your Hands On This Training
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Here's What People Are Saying
"Your report has some great examples of how to think differently about article marketing.

The person that just thinks 'keywords' will read this, and he/she will start to think more about the demographics of their future customers.

I think the examples provided and the places to get the research done will give a whole lot of value to those people who need this kind of help the most.

Lee Dobbins
"As a result of Google algorithm changes, a critical and very necessary paradigm shift is occurring among article marketers.

Bill Platt has developed a brilliant yet simple solution for web content creators struggling to remain relevant in the constantly shifting landscape of generating online traffic.

'Writing Articles That Reach Your Target Audience' reveals Bill's techniques for uncovering target audience demographics essential to effective article marketing using free resources that are easily found on the internet.

The information in this report is critical to the success of writers in the quickly changing environment of online search.

John Rogers
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Please allow me up to 72 hours to answer your refund request, as I sometimes have a life outside the internet.

Do not file a dispute with Paypal. If you file a dispute, then my refund policy becomes null-and-void, and I will fight your dispute with the intention of winning.

To get a refund without any issues, just send an email to and allow me up to 72 hours to answer your message.

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