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In Nathan Segal's "How To Become an Expert in any Niche," he is going to tell you the rest of the story...

Within this training package, you are going to get access to:

  • 10 Training Videos

  • 86-page PDF

Within the Videos, you are going to learn about more about all of the topics discussed inside the PDF, listed in the bullet point list below.

Within the PDF, you are going to learn about:

  • Where to go to discover the contact information for Print Magazines, Journals and Broadcast media outlets.

  • How to use search engines to find online and print magazines.

  • How to find online publications by topic.

  • Where to go to uncover new writing opportunities that you can use as the basis of your articles.

  • How to capture screen shots to supplement your articles.

  • How to use interviews to create video content, and how to use the video content to create the basis for a written article.

  • Nathan also offers good advice about how to do the interview, and he provides three-dozen sample questions you can use in the interview.

  • How magazines pay for articles.

  • Writing tips, and tips on how to avoid and overcome writer's block.

  • And much more...

You should look at this offer as a "deep dive" into the subject of writing for online and print magazines, and how you can use interviews to create truly unique and interesting content quickly.

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