In Order To Reach Millions Of Readers,
You Need To Get An Editor's Approval
In Order To Win Article Approval From An Editor,
You Will Need To Create An Effective "Query Letter"

Creating a "query letter" is an intimidating thought, isn't it?

The thought of having some highfalutin editor in some far-off city deciding what you can write and then deciding whether what you have written is good enough for publication is something that would scare the pants off of most writers.

More so for me, since my Oklahoma-accent is often noticeable in the words that I choose in my prose. Those pompous and arrogant New York City editors rarely appreciate my rural sensibilities and small-town America euphemisms. ;)

I never really realize that some of the euphemisms I use are foreign to others, until my friend from Israel asks me what a particular phrase actually means.

Honestly, it probably isn't a bad thing to have an editor looking over my shoulder.

After all, few people outside of Oklahoma and Texas know what a "crick" is. To those of us who grew up in bigger towns, this is actually a "creek". I used to laugh every time my dad said something about a "crick" or "kittle" ("kettle" to the rest of us).

Or a "tank". LOL When I was little, I went to my aunt's parent's house in Southern Oklahoma. All day long, her dad kept talking about "taking us fishing down at the tank". Seriously, I kept imagining that he was going to take us back to a metal water tank for the cattle, with goldfish in it. P.S. In Southern Oklahoma, a "tank" is what most of us call a "pond". :)

It is good to have an editor, but it sure is intimidating to know that someone is going to be critiquing the words that I use in my articles.

But Here Is The Thing...
You Need That Editor...

You need that editor, because he/she is the only thing standing between you and an audience of hundreds of thousands or millions of potential readers for your articles.

You need the editor, because he is the gatekeeper between you and the people you want to talk to within your articles.

The editor understands better than anyone else on the planet the audience you are hoping to talk to within your articles, and he knows what you need to write about and how to write it, to ensure that people will take your work seriously and pay close attention to what you have to say.

The editor's job is to make sure that you are more successful with the articles that you write and publish.

Help The Editor Give You
The Help You Really Need

The editor will make sure that you are successful with the articles you submit to him.

But he cannot help you, until first you let him know what you are ready and willing to do for his readers.

That is where the "query letter" comes into play.

The editor needs to understand what you are capable of doing, and he needs to know what you are proposing to do for his publication.

Let us show you in greater detail how you should construct your "query letter"...

Not only will we go into greater detail telling you how to construct your query letter, we will also provide to you two samples to help you better wrap your head around this essential tool for writers.

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