You Have Heard People Talk
About the Power of Article Marketing
But If You Are Like The Average Online
Marketer, You Still Don't Know
How To Make It Work For You!!!
Fortunately, Anyone Can Learn to Create
Powerful, Profit-Producing Articles
in 20 Minutes or Less

If you ever hope to sell anything online, chances are that at some point, you will need some type of content that you can use on your website or blog.

If you are looking for an inexpensive method to promote your website or blog online, then you might be tempted by article marketing, social media posts or document sharing.

And here is where most people stumble...

Not everyone knows how to write or what to write...

Even more limiting is the fact that most people don't have the budget to hire writers.

Nor do they have the time to sit down and pound keys on a keyboard.

If this sounds like the situation that you have found yourself in, please keep reading...

Professional Writers and Marketers
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Charlotte Jay was the 5th person to buy this product.

This is an excerpt from what she said immediately after she purchased this report and read it:

I'm a new ghostwriter who is absolutely swamped with orders right now. It's left me scratching my head, going "Am I crazy for taking on all this?" Well, I thought so until now.


Awesome, awesome, awesome! Thanks times 1 billion.

My clients are going to be sooooo happy with my turnaround time and quality of content.

Charlotte Jay

Fortunately, Charlotte did not read this report and put in on the "that is a good idea, and maybe I will use it someday" shelf...

She immediately put the information to the test...

There is no better proof of the value of something than personal experience.

Two days after she purchased this report, she posted the following on her blog, detailing her initial results using the guidance provided in the report, How To Write Articles In 20 Minutes Or Less Without Sacrificing Quality:

Can't make it work in article marketing? Think it's dead? Think again. It's arrived.

Bill Platt's newest product, "How To Write Articles In 20 Minutes Or Less Without Sacrificing Quality".

If you know Bill, you know he has a killer reputation and knows his stuff. Want to know how to make it big with your articles? Bill let's us in on his secret method to crush it with articles.

Seriously, this is an absolute no brainer. I pumped out no less than 20 articles in just over 2 hours using this bad boy.

Impressive? I'll say. I might not be making a million dollars overnight, but I'm sure getting there a whole lot quicker. Grab your copy today.

Charlotte Jay
Who Needs to own This Training?

This product is most appropriate for:

  • Online Marketers interested in Article Marketing;

  • Article Marketers;

  • SEO Article Writers;

  • Bloggers;

  • Those who desire to earn money from Ghost Writing;

  • Those who hire Ghost Writers;

  • Anyone who works as a writer;

  • Anyone who wants to be a writer; and

  • Anyone who simply enjoys writing....

Even if you don't fancy yourself a writer, you still need this report.

The information provided in this report will also teach you how to get better performance from your outsourced writers.

Effective outsourcing always begins with good leadership, and your outsourcers will look to YOU for that leadership.

The information contained in this report will give you the knowledge necessary to provide good leadership to your outsourced writers, enabling your outsourcers to create exceptional-quality content to support your business...

Article Marketing Drives Sales

There are lots of people making a lot of money doing article marketing on the Internet.

There are many writers making $2,000, $5,000, $10,000 and $15,000 per month using article marketing as their primary method of promotion.

Almost without fail, the people who are reliably making 4- and 5-figures per month from article marketing are doing so by focusing on the needs of readers and giving their readers high-quality content.

When you learn the principles and processes involved in creating high-quality content, you will be able to scale your business to whatever level you desire to take it.

With this report, "How To Write Articles Fast In 20 Minutes or Less Without Sacrificing Quality", I will teach you:

  • How to write content that attracts an audience, creates traffic, and leads to sales;

  • How to improve your writing;

  • What "High-Quality" actually means;

  • What to do before you sit down to write;

  • How to get the best research for your topic;

  • How to edit your content for the best conversion results;

  • How to squeeze more SEO value out of your articles;

  • How to make your article marketing more profitable;

  • How to create content FAST without sacrificing quality; and most important,

  • How to write "High-Quality" content in 20 minutes or less....

Real People Make Real Money
with Article Marketing

A friend of mine outsources all of his article writing and article syndication. His articles lead readers to join his mailing list. And from his mailing list, he delivers advice to his readers and provides them the opportunity to buy his offers.

By using article marketing to attract his audience and following with a combination of information and product offers, he is consistently generating $13,000 in monthly gross sales in a strictly consumer niche. He is taking home $7,000 per month AFTER paying his outsource team about six grand.

More Than a Decade of Experience

I have also consistently generated thousands of dollars per month in revenue, as a result of writing high-quality content that focuses on the needs of my readers.

I have written 200 articles in my name, over 500 articles under pen names, and thousands of articles in the names of my ghost writing clients. I have even written a number of ebooks, print books, and reports.

I provided ghost writing services to my clients from 2000 to 2009. During those years, I was able to charge my ghost writing clients in excess of $100 an article, because the articles that I wrote for my clients produced lots of attention, traffic and sales for their businesses and they knew it.

The articles I have written and syndicated have ended up in a Who's Who of authority websites and major newsletter publications.

My single best-performing article generated $38,000 in revenue over the course of three days.

Disclaimer: No one can guarantee how much money YOU will make using article marketing as a promotional tool. There are always dozens of factors that will affect the performance of a single article. You could make nothing from article marketing, or maybe you could make a lot of sales...
It Took Me 9 Years to Learn This...

I am almost embarrassed to tell you that it took me 9 years to learn what you are going to be able to learn in the next 45 minutes...

For years, when I sat down to write an article, I would be committed to that single article for 2-4 hours at a time.

It was important to me to create an article that would deliver eyeballs and improve click-through traffic, by smoothing the transition from information in the article to the sales copy on the website listed in the resource box.

Imagine if you can how much more productive I could have been if I had learned ten years ago what I am going to teach you today in, "How To Write Articles Fast In 20 Minutes or Less Without Sacrificing Quality".

Think about it...

For almost 9 years, I would spend an average of 2-4 hours to write one article...

But in 2009, I learned how to increase my writing speed by about 90%. Instead of 2-4 hours, I was finally able to reduce my writing time to under 20 minutes an article.

How You Will Benefit from This Report

Once you have read, "How To Write Articles Fast In 20 Minutes or Less Without Sacrificing Quality", you will be able to:

  • Understand intuitively what readers want;

  • Understand intuitively how to give readers what they want;

  • Research any topic quickly and easily;

  • Organize your research into a more constructive format;

  • Increase your creativity;

  • Edit for readability;

  • Strengthen the SEO value of an article;

  • Give readers more value;

  • Keep readers interested;

  • Maintain the quality of your content;

  • Write "High-Quality" articles in 20 minutes or less;

  • Achieve wider syndication of your articles;

  • Attract more eyeballs to your content;

  • Lead more readers to visit your website to consider your offers;

  • Make more money from your articles....

Article Marketing has never been a Magic Bullet solution for the lazy, and it never will be...

But for those committed to their own success... Article Marketing could deliver the results you seek...

And the information provided in "How To Write Articles Fast In 20 Minutes or Less Without Sacrificing Quality" will show you exactly how to reduce your content creation costs / increase your content creation productivity and increase the revenue you can generate through article marketing...

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30-day Money Back Guarantee

I stand behind this product, with a 30-day Money Back Guarantee.

If you discover that this report does not help you to improve the quality of your writing and it does not help you to write articles in 20 minutes or less, then I want you to ask for a refund.

If you are not happy with your purchase, please send me an email at:

Please allow me 72 hours to respond to your refund request, as I do also have a life outside the internet.

If you want a refund, send me an email. But do not file a dispute with Paypal. If you file a dispute with Paypal, my refund policy becomes null-and-void, and I will fight your dispute claim with the intent of winning the dispute.

p.s. I have only lost one dispute in six years.

Here Are Some More Detailed Reviews...
Disclosure: Bill sent me a copy of this and did not ask me for a review. I did not pay for this.

I just finished this report/guide and it was pretty eye-opening. Now, to put that in perspective, this is one of the few areas (article/content writing) where I consider myself an expert.

I have several product's on this subject myself and many years of experience. So I'm not someone you can usually surprise with even one or two new ideas. Bill hit me with three in just 28 pages. I think I hate him for that while at the same time I love him for it! LOL

I knew before that Bill was one of the true "go to" people on this subject, but now I know it even better. If you're an aspiring online article/content writer and marketer, this is a must have product. Simple as that.

Get it now, soak up the solid information, and put it to use. It'll be one of the smartest investments you will have ever made in your own success.

John Schwartz

I bought your product earlier today and just got into it. I've only bought maybe 7-8 WSOs in my life. A couple were good, others not quite so good.

I know we've poked fun at each other in some of our posts; I've enjoyed your tongue-in-cheek humor and quick riposte.

But I'm not posting a comment here to help you out, Bill!

I'm posting it to help people out who desire to make article marketing an important part of their traffic generation plan. My first comment to them is to stop what you are doing right now, grab Bill's book, and put into practice what he gives you.

Without doing this you run the real risk of spending hundreds of hours cranking out articles which do not have even the slightest chance of getting the massive kind of traffic you can get from them by using Bill's techniques.

To wit, your entire concept of article marketing may well be based in beliefs that are simply not true.

Trust me on this one: One well-written article, focusing on the needs of a tight group of people with specific needs, can get you more traffic using Bill's suggestions than hundreds of the typical articles you find on most major directories.

The most powerful thing I came to see in reading How To Write Articles Fast... was that 90% of the people, even experienced article writers, do the entire thing ass backwards. Their entire premise of article marketing is wrong, wrong, wrong.

This forum is filled with over-hyped, "secret plans" promising to make you rich in the wink of an eye. Many are written by people with no concept or experience in what they write about. Bill's product is not one of them. He will help you build a traffic machine through article marketing that can drive the sales of your product through the roof.

I'm giving it two thumbs up. My cat, Emmett, who has six toes on each front foot is also giving it two thumbs up (both from the same paw)!

Seriously, do yourself a favor, save yourself hundreds of wasted hours, and read Bill's advice. For me, it will be an important part of my article marketing strategy in the future.

Mike McMillan -
Charlotte purchased this product. No review was requested.

So, I went ahead and downloaded your report and read it through from end to end (I didn't skim it, promise!) Can I say how much I love you for giving us this technique?

No really, this report couldn't have come at a better time for me. I'm a new ghostwriter who is absolutely swamped with orders right now. It's left me scratching my head, going "Am I crazy for taking on all this?" Well, I thought so until now. I am running in the direction of to put this into action.

Awesome, awesome, awesome! Thanks times 1 billion. My clients are going to be sooooo happy with my turnaround time and quality of content.

Charlotte Jay
Azman purchased this product. No review was requested.

I read every single word of your report. As proof, I found 1 missing "h" in paragraph 3 page 16 for the word "where". Your fingers are faster than the keyboard could cope with.. lol

Excellent pointers to speed up article writing and maintain their quality at the same time. I really need it to achieve my 60-blogs target this year. Perfect timing.

Took you 9 years before you got the time-saving formula. Now giving it to us in just 45 minutes of reading.

5 stars for your generosity.

Azman Ab Rahman -
Disclosure: Lee received a courtesy copy. No review was requested or required.

This report offers a refreshing take on article writing and is very timely considering Googles new vow to strive for higher quality in the search engine results (Google ready for action against content farms | Relevant Results - CNET News).

I think this is a must read for anyone who wants to be a high quality article writer as well as anyone who wants to offer quality content on their blogs and if you have been struggling to write good articles, then you'll love the techniques that Bill describes in the report.

Don't just skim it - read every single word!

Lee Dobbins - Successful Book Author
Disclosure: Anita received a courtesy copy. No review was requested or required.

As always, Bill gives clear and concise instructions on how to use his method, not just for a single article here and there--although this method will certainly work for a single article--but for numerous articles on the same general subject.

What better way to establish yourself as an expert in your field than to publish 10, 20, 50 top quality articles on the subject?

Follow Bill's advice in this report, and those 50 articles should take you about 17 hours total. That's relatively easy to do in one week. Or spread that out over several weeks.

Anita Cross -
Disclosure: Allen received a courtesy copy. No review was requested or required.

I rarely leave reviews. Hell, I rarely shop for information products at all, but today I had to make an exception.

As a full time writer and article marketer, when I saw a new article writing product by Bill Platt, I had to stop what I was doing and read it.

Anyone who's been in the article marketing game for any amount of time, knows exactly what I'm talking about. Anyone who's new to the game will probably figure out what I'm talking about pretty quickly.

I'm just saying, read some of the man's previous posts...

Anyway, about the product...

It's good. In fact, it's very good. So much so, that it's going on my "books you need to read if you're new to IM" list. I'm not kidding. Watch my posts in the future and I guarantee you, you will see me recommending this book to others.

This is 100% solid info, straight up. If you write, want to write, plan on writing, hire writers, or write for hire... you'll take something valuable away from this product.

Bill, you have 2 big thumbs up from me!

Allen Andersen
Disclosure: I was given a courtesy copy of this report. Bill didn't ask me to review it or provide a testimonial. I volunteered to do so because this is quality material that everyone who is struggling with article marketing should have.

My reputation is important to me, so I never recommend a product I don't believe in.

If you're not a successful article marketer yet, Bill's report -- maybe success guide would be a better term -- should set you on the right course rather quickly.

Bill is an exceptional writer himself, and effectively lays out the reasons many (perhaps most) article marketers don't experience the success they should. Of course, he also lays out the cause for the lack of success and how you an ensure you won't trip over them.

What I liked best though, is his "technique" for quickly producing articles. I'll be putting this method to practice in my own writing. I can see how it will not only help me write articles faster, but website content, blog posts, and my newsletter -- without sacrificing the quality I strive for.

This report is all it's made out to be in the sales copy.

Do yourself a favor and get it.

Dennis Gaskill -
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